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Useful Mobile Tools

Here you will find links to mobile tools that will come in handy. Please keep in mind these are sites that we do not own, nor control. Any questions or support should be directed to the site owners.

Free QR code reading software for android phones:

This is NOT a endorsement by any means, but for the past 3 years we have been using the following QR code reader and have never had a single issue on any Andriod device:

Free QR code reading software for iPhone / iPad

Although there are many more free QR code readers for Apple, The above is the best one that we know of.

Weather Proof Stickers

You will also need to print (or buy) your generated QR codes to place on your signs. From past experience we have found that is best to print your own stickers. Having to wait for a company to print a single sticker is time consuming, not to mention it can get expensive.

We are NOT endorsing any single office suppy company below, but rather giving you a idea of what to look for. Recommend size around 4in x 4in:

Office Depot