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Welcome to the "Mobile Real Estate Website Builder"!


Let's face the facts: the world has gone mobile and you need to provide your customers with an easy way to communicate with you and also provide visual information instantly.

Using our real estate software you can build simple, but elegant mobile sites with everything a home shopper needs to know. Your customers will love you for making life easy!

This push button mobile building software
"even makes and generates the QR code" needed to place on your signs!

Is This Really Push Button Simple?

Realestate Mobile Site BuilderVery good question... The answer is yes!

You simply open the software, fill in the blanks by answering questions and push the build button. Your mobile ready site is then built and ready to upload to your web hosting account.

We even provide you with a simple to use file transfer program that you can use to upload your new mobile sites. Using the information supplied by your web hosting company, you can have your first live "home for sale" mobile site online in about 20 minutes. Then, the next one will be easier and time can be reduced with each build.

Don't worry if you do not understand, our provided instructions are simple enough that even newbies can use the system.

We have constructed the mobile building software so anyone can use it to build sites easily and in a fast manner. The goal was to make the software so simple, even a 12 year old could use.

Once your site is built, place the generated QR code on your for sale signs. We recommend visiting your local office supply and make a purchase of water proof stickers in the 4in x 5in range. Consult with your office supplier for best results.

Here are two examples of QR code usage:

Ready To Get Started?

If you have a Windows machine with XP or above, click the order button below!

Even if you have a MAC, this software will run with one of the emulators like "Q emulator" or a paid version of "Parellels".

By placing your order today, you will receive our introductory price. We are currently at version 1.+ and soon to be 2.0, which will cause a price increase of at least 20%. Lock your price in right now and get LIFETIME updates at NO cost!

Once we reach version 2.0, the offer of lifetime updates will be a optional addon. DO NOT miss this opportunity, it will be removed soon...

Still not sure you can actually build your own mobile real estate sites, or allow employees with no HTML experience to build them? Check out the tutorial page to see how easy this is, click here.

Usage rights for software:

[YES] Can build unlimited mobi sites
[YES] Can build sites for others and charge for your services
[YES] Allow others whom you DIRECTLY employee to use this software

[NO] Can sell the sell or give away the software
[NO] Allow anyone (including *contractors) outside your business to use

*Contractors - Anyone not directly employed by you that works in a separate location. You (or they) will need to purchase a separate license for them.

Home For Sale Mobile Real Estate Software